About NST

About New Staff Training
New Staff Training will orient new staff members to the distinct mission and ministry of Cru. It is also a job orientation program and should be entered with the same level of professionalism that one would have in a new job with any other organization. As such, anyone who desires to become a full-time staff member with Cru is expected to attend New Staff Training in its entirety and fully participate in the entire program/curriculum.

If you foresee any potential conflicts that would inhibit your ability to attend and/or participate fully in the scheduled curriculum, please contact us immediately at join.us@cru.org. You must receive permission from the conference director to be absent from any part of New Staff Training.

Welcome Letter
For a special note from Marc Rutter, one of Cru’s U.S. National Directors, please read the Welcome Letter.

Online Registration
PLEASE NOTE: Registration is currently closed. Please contact the Join Us Team
(join.us@cru.org) to register for this conference.

Using Your Relay Account to Register Online

When registering online for New Staff Orientation, please sign in using your Relay account that is associated with your Cru staff account number.

If you are a new staff member, you should have received an email notification about your Relay login, staff account number, email and Relay account activation. You do not need to create a new Relay account. Please email techhelp@cru.org if you have any questions or problems with your Relay login; include “Relay Account Notification” in the subject line of the email.

If you have any questions, please email us at join.us@cru.org.