IBS Courses (Winter)

If you have questions specifically about your IBS classes (not New Staff Training), please email the IBS Team (ibs.info@cru.org). Requests for course exemptions must be made by December 10. Email the IBS Team to begin the request process.

If you want information on IBS courses, exemptions, books, graduate credit and more, please visit the IBS website (http://ibs.cru.org/new-staff-training/vision/).

IBS begins with an orientation on Tuesday, January 9 at 7 pm. Classes begin at 8am on Wednesday, January 10. Classes end on Tuesday, January 23, but there is a final exam for Intro to Christian Theology on Wednesday, January 24 from 9-11am.

Intro to Christian Theology (ICT) is from 8am to 10am and Bible Study Methods (BSM) is from 10:30am to 12:30pm. You will have approximately 3-6 hours of reading and homework each day.

If you are coming only for IBS classes this winter, your registration link, the costs for classes, housing, and childcare can be found on the IBS website (http://ibs.cru.org/ibs/reviews/registration).

We highly encourage you to purchase or borrow books for IBS on your own. If you are not able to secure certain books, you can purchase them from us when you register online and we will have them available to you at registration in Daytona. The deadline to purchase books from NST is December 7.

Books needed for New Staff Training IBS classes:

Intro to Christian Theology (ICT)

  1. Tim Keller; The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism; ISBN – 978-1594483493
  2. Wayne Grudem; Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine (Zondervan, 1994). ISBN-13: 978-0310286707.
  3. David Platt; Counter Culture: Following Christ in an Anti-Christian Age (Carol Stream: Tyndale House, 2015). ISBN-13: 978-1414373294
  4. Course notes

Bible Study Methods (BSM)

  1. Klyne Snodgrass; NIV Application Commentary, Ephesians. (Zondervan, 1996). ISBN-13: 978-0310493402.
  2. John Piper; Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ. (Crossway, 2004). ISBN-13: 978-1581347180.
  3. Vaughan Roberts; God’s Big Picture: Tracing the story-line of the Bible. (IVP Books, 2006). ISBN-13: 978-0830853649.
  4. The Ultimate Road Trip. ISBN: 1563992493. (Available only at NST on-site registration or through CruPress: http://crupress.com/products/the-ultimate-roadtrip/ )
  5. Course notes

Get Your ICT Reading Done Before You Arrive
For those taking ICT, the course moves at a quick pace. We would strongly encourage you to finish as much of the ICT reading as possible before you arrive. Staff who read ahead always tell us they are glad they did. The ICT assignments are found in the course syllabi at http://ibs.cru.org/ibs/reviews/courses/.

Intro to Mission (Online Course)
Upon leaving New Staff Orientation, you will be taking an Intro to Missions (correspondence course). You will receive the materials and instructions for the course during New Staff Orientation.

Exemption from an IBS Course
If you have previously taken theological courses, you may be exempt from some IBS courses. If you think you may be exempt from an IBS course, go to the IBS website and follow the steps outlined. You can also email the IBS Team (ibs.info@cru.org) to begin the request process. Requests for course exemptions must be made by December 10.

Note for Mothers with Young Children
We value the contribution of our Moms and want to see them experience the same development all Cru missionaries receive. To help make this possible, we offer childcare each day during class. Of course, there is still substantial outside work to be completed. You’ll want to complete as much of the reading as you can before you arrive. We will work with you to help make it workable. It’s better to complete both classes now than to take ICT now and then have to come back to take BSM sometime before you report to your assignment. Please contact us (ibs.info@cru.org) so we can help you!

If you have any questions, please email us at join.us@cru.org