Important Info (Spring)

Online Registration
NOTE: Registration is currently closed.

Please contact the Join Us Team ( if you have questions.

Facebook Group
The “NSO Spring 2018” Facebook Group is an essential tool for connecting with other New Staff members (e.g. sharing rides to/from the airport, etc.). It will also be the main way the NSO conference team shares announcements.

This Facebook Group is a “Secret Group” to maximize privacy, so you must be invited to join. Please write to from the e-mail address associated with your Facebook Account. (Please use your address for all ministry correspondence; however, in this case, we need to invite you within the Facebook platform.)

Basic Schedule
For details about the dates and activities during NSO, see the Basic Schedule page.

Go to the Finances page for estimated costs and charges for the various components of NSO.

Employment and Payroll Documents
On the day you arrive at NSO, you must have with you the original documents needed to complete your I-9 and Direct Deposit forms.

NOTE: This only applies to those who are new hires; STINTers and others who are currently receiving a paycheck from Cru do not need the complete set of documents listed below.

To be employed by Cru (and to complete an I-9 form), you need proof of your citizenship/residency and must bring:

  • A current passport OR
  • A current driver’s license and a certified copy of your birth certificate OR
  • A current driver’s license and your social security card.

NOTE: You need to bring original documents (not just copies).

You will also need documents to authorize Direct Deposit for your payroll. You must bring:

  • A voided check OR
  • A printed-out photo of a check OR
  • A bank authorization form for direct deposit. (A bank authorization form can be printed out from your online banking or from a bank branch. The account number and routing needs to be printed – not handwritten – on the form).

NOTE: Deposit slips are not valid since the tracking number on it may not be sufficient.

If you don’t have these available when you arrive, it is possible your first paycheck and/or reimbursement could be delayed.


If both husband and wife are joining staff with Cru, it is important and strategic for both to attend and participate in all the sessions. There are no exceptions to this. The orientation is designed to make it easier to arrange schedules to attend New Staff Orientation.

Be aware that after the MPD training starts Tuesday, it will be an intense week with a lot of information to cover, creating long days with very few breaks and very little free time.

Arrival and Departure
All travel arrangements should follow the scheduled times and dates posted on this website. If you find you have issues with the conference dates, please email us at immediately.

Various sessions of NSO require various types of clothing:

  • Semi-formal: One set of semi-formal attire (coat and tie for men, dress or skirt for women) for the Commissioning Ceremony and Banquet.
  • Business casual: For sessions when a speaker is from our leadership. Business casual includes khakis/dress slacks and collared shirt for men, slacks or modest skirt or dress for women. (Shorts, jeans and printed t-shirts are inappropriate.)
  • Classroom casual: Jeans, shorts and t-shirts are fine during all other sessions.

Other Items to Bring
You may want to bring along other items such as:

  • laptop computer (if you have one)
  • money for food and tips (for housekeeping and restaurants)
  • Bible
  • paper and pen
  • umbrella and/or rain gear
  • sweater or jacket for meeting rooms (as the meeting rooms tend to be cold)
  • extra luggage space for MPD materials (you will receive onsite)


If you have any questions, please email us at …