Packing Hints (Summer)

Clothing.  Different sessions of NST require different types of clothing:

  • Semi-formal: One set of nice attire (optional coat and tie for men and dresses or skirts for women) for the commissioning and banquet.
  • Business casual: For the Lake Hart tour and sessions where we have a speaker from our Cru leadership. Business casual includes: khakis/dress slacks and collared shirts for men, and slacks or modest skirts and dresses for women.
  • Classroom casual: Shorts, jeans, and t-shirts are fine during your IBS classes, MPD training, and most of your NST sessions.
  • Swimwear and workout clothes: You will have access to the workout center at Rollins and opportunities to play sports. Rollins has a pool and the beach is only about an hour away.
  • Jacket/umbrella: Sometimes the meeting rooms and restaurants can be chilly. Also, summer is Florida’s rainy season, so you’ll want an umbrella and/or raincoat.

Other items to pack:

  • Bible, pen, paper/notebook
  • Employment and Payroll Documents (see “Important Info” page)
  • Money for food, entertainment, etc
  • Empty suitcase or box (for MPD and IBS materials)
  • MPD materials, including address book, church directory, etc.
  • Laptop computer. Most of your coursework will be done electronically. We will have a small computer lab with printers available if you don’t have a laptop.
  • Hangers
  • Personal toiletries and shower tote/caddy
  • Towels, sheets, blanket, pillow (unless you’re purchasing the optional linens package)
  • Optional items – small reading lamp, clothes hamper, small fridge, coffeemaker
  • If you’re in an apartment, see the “Location” page for more information

Facebook Group
The “IBS & NSO Summer 2018” Facebook Group is an essential tool for connecting with other New Staff members (e.g. sharing rides to/from the airport, etc.). It will also be the main way the NST conference team shares announcements.

This Facebook Group is a “Secret Group” to maximize privacy, so you must be invited to join. Please write to from the e-mail address associated with your Facebook Account. (Please use your address for all ministry correspondence; however, in this case, we need to invite you within the Facebook platform.)

If you have any questions, please email us at